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Lasting Leak Repairs in Fort Myers, Florida

Our Leak Detection Guarantee

Plumbing leaks can be difficult to find and destructive to your home’s structure. At American Construction & Plumbing, we’re so confident that we can locate your leak with our detection services that we guarantee it.

Common Leak Locations

Some of the most common places that we detect leaks are inside construction sites within the walls, under concrete slabs and asphalt, within landscaping, fountains and irrigation and in water-intruded roofs.

Symptoms of a Leak in Your Slab

By staying aware of the slab leak symptoms, you can call us to fix the problem before any serious damage ensues.

Watch out for the sound of running water when all water is turned off, a hot spot on the floor, cracks in the walls and floor or mildew and excessive moisture under carpets. A high water bill could also indicate a slab leak.

Indications of a Hidden Leak

A few major indications of a hidden leak include high water bills, warm spots on your floor, distant sounds of water running (but no fixtures are on), moist floors or a white effervescence or powder on your floor.

Technology to Solve the Problem

Our team employs sophisticated technology to find any water or pipe leak on your property. Using leak detection equipment and professional methodologies, we can pinpoint and fix even the most concealed cracks.​

Leak Detection

Leak Detection Without Disruption

Because we value you and your property, we abide by a “leak detection without destruction” policy, saving you resources, time and money. With our non-invasive methods, we can find and fix any leak with minimal disruption to the building’s structure.

Stop the Leak Today

If any of these symptoms sound familiar to you, pick up the phone today. The sooner our plumbers detect your leak, the sooner you can save money on water bills and structural repairs.​