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Certified Mold Removal Services in Fort Myers, Florida

About Mold

What is It?

Mold is a fungus that decomposes trees, leaves or plants. This resilient species naturally occur in any environment, surviving on cellulose material, oxygen and moisture. Mold reproduces by releasing spores into the air, which can cause breathing problems and allergic reactions to the skin. Fortunately, this fungus doesn’t try to hide. It appears as a discoloration, stain or fuzzy growth, releasing a musty odor around moisture-prone areas.

Symptoms Related to Mold

Does your home smell musty? Are members of your family experiencing watering eyes, nasal constriction, headaches or asthma symptoms? Do you have water-damaged cabinets, walls or flooring? All of these issues indicate that mold may have invaded your home.

Best Inspectors and Tools in the Country

Our state-licensed mold inspectors are the best in the country. In addition to our 30 years of experience, we use the latest technologies to eliminate the mold-causing source and the mold itself.

Some of the tools we utilize include moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, borescope cameras, particle, air sampling pumps and even certified K-9s that can detect minute traces of mold.

We’ll even do all the remodeling of your property after the cleanup to finalize your stress-free customer experience.

Free Walk-Through Inspection

If you have suspicions that mold may have infiltrated your home, call us for a free walk-through evaluation. There, we will assess whether you need an inclusive inspection.

Detecting and Remediating Mold

Eliminating the Moisture

The key to eliminating mold is eliminating the moisture source. Oftentimes, hidden leaks may be creating an environment for hidden mold. With over 30 years of leak detection, we can pinpoint the pipe or water leak and quickly repair it to prevent future fungus growth.

Typical Causes of Mold

Some of the most typical causes of mold include roof and plumbing leaks, overflow from tubs, toilets or sinks, excessive use of a humidifier, inadequate venting in the kitchen or bathroom and poor venting of household appliances.

Removing Hazardous Material

Once we eliminate the mold-causing water source, we’ll properly remove the mold and dispose of the hazardous materials without exposing more spores to your family.

Mold Services

K-9 Mold Detectives

About Our K-9 Detectives

Our three K-9 detectives, Snoop, Kyle and Trina, work with our technicians to locate any mold or defective Chinese drywall. In fact, 2-year-old Snoop is the first known certified dog in both mold and Chinese drywall detection in the U.S., trained by a worldwide leader in scent detection training.

These dogs can also validate clearance testing to determine whether our remediation efforts were 100 percent successful. If the dog doesn’t signal an alert, you can know with utmost certainty that your home or office is safe.

Put Our Dogs to the Test

Put your mold worries to rest by enlisting the skill of our K-9 Mold Detective team. Give us a call to find out how our certified technicians and dogs can make sure your home is fungi-free.​