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Outdoor Kitchens in Fort Myers, Florida

Rule Your Neighborhood

There’s nothing quite like hosting a party. Cooking a nice meal while you listen to your friends laugh and mingle is rewarding. If you have the right space, throwing parties can become effortless while still impressing everyone you know. Outdoor kitchens do more than let you cook outside though. They also add significant value to your home. Plus, they give you the perfect place to socialize.

Gather your family and friends together. It’s time to party.

More Than a Barbecue

Many misconceptions exist about outdoor kitchens. To most people, they’re seen as glorified barbeques, but they can be so much more. Most outdoor cooking areas feature the counter space and appliances that you’d find in your home’s indoor kitchen. They can also be upgraded and fit with pizza ovens, ice machines and smokers, depending on your cooking needs and preferences.

That’s the best part — they’re customizable.

Hire the Experts

Installing an outdoor kitchen requires a whole team of people. Contractors need to build the space, plumbers need to hook up the pipes, and electricians may need to run power to the area. It’s a group effort. In order to make things convenient for you, we employ experts in every field needed to get your kitchen up and running. That means you don’t have to make a bunch of calls. We’re your one-stop shop for outdoor kitchen installations.

Contact the experts at American Construction & Plumbing today to get started on your project. We’ll help make your vision a reality so you can start hosting parties. Let’s get cooking.

Outdoor Kitchens